Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vacation Part 1

Time for a brief synopsis of our vacation.

Day one: (Monday)
Fight with a doctor's office, any doctor's office to call in a prescription for Maggie. She has a deep cough and a fever. We sit around, waiting, for 3 hours. Finally, after much wasted time and gas, we're on the road. Great trip. The kids played and laughed all the way there. Chris and I had lovely conversation. Kim and Quinn were there when we got there. Swimming, eating and television.

Day two: (Tuesday)
Rain. Rain. Rain. We swam in the rain. We rode bikes in the rain. We tried to go to the beach during a lull in the rain, but once we got there, it rained torrentially all the way back to the house. All in all, it was a good day. Went to Target and Krispy Kreme. The kids loved watching the doughnuts being made. We discovered that Brody eats chocolate doughnuts much more neatly this year.

Day three: (Wednesday)
We rode bikes, swam in the pool and spent hours at the beach. Lots of eating, music, laughing and reading. The reading was my hobby of choice. We went to The Crab Trap for dinner. The kids bought stuffed animals.

Day four: (Thursday)
Similar to yesterday. Bikes, swimming, beach and food. After dinner, we walked to the beach. Kim, Maggie and Chris had a gymnastics contest on the beach. Chris walks on his hands the best. Kim does the best somersault. Maggie does the best round off. Then we walked down the beach to Seaside. We ate ice cream at this great little ice cream shop on the square in Seaside. Well, we ate ice cream. Silas bathed in ice cream. The kids ran and played. Then we walked home.

Overall, the first half of the week was perfect. Aside from Kim's obsessive need to get up at 5:30 am that is.


Just a short, funny and utterly disgusting experience. But I'm sure you've had a similar one. Don't lie... you know you have.

I was taking the wet clothes from the washer and putting them in the dryer the other day. I have a front loader. It can be a pain. Anyway... the clothes smelled bad. I'd pull a handful out and the smell would reach my nose. But when I put it to my nose, it smelled fine. I did this about five times before I realized that I wasn't smelling the laundry. I was smelling myself. I'd been working around the house for about three hours. I was ripe! When I realized that the bad smell was me, I couldn't help but laugh. Gross! Time for a bath.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I swear I have the stupidest dog alive. Molly is sweet and all, but Lord she's dumb! From the very first day that we moved into the house 5 years ago, I have fed her on the back porch. And every night, there she is... on the front porch waiting to be fed. I can stand at the back door and call her but she won't come. She stands there, watching Gabriel eat, looking pitiful. After a while, a light bulb goes off. She remembers where her food is and off she goes, excited as all, to eat it. She wakes up in a new world every day. Dumb dog.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Thought

Just thinking. I tend to say that my sin is ever before me. And a lot of my sin is. But which ones?

I have a friend who is gay. I have a couple of friends from school who are now drug addicts. One of which became a crack whore. I have another friend who steals. I have no condemnation for them. I see my own sin when I think of them. I'm no better than they.

And yet...

I have a friend who condemns a women for having an abortion and yet he's cheated on his wife at least six times. I have a friend who condemns another for drinking a wine cooler. I have family who will not associate with people of color. When I look at their lives, I see their sin. And I am better than they are. I don't condemn the sinners. But I do condemn the Pharisees.

Hmmm. Doesn't that make me a pharisee? I'd rather not think about it.