Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thoughts I've Had Today That Made Me Smile

Thoughts I've Had Today That Made Me Smile

1. KimHill is moving home soon!

2. When the toilet at Old Navy violently flushed, I thought of Moaning Myrtle. (a Harry Potter reference)

3. Boys like Dirty Jobs; girls, not so much.

4. I want to pull a Mystery Science Theatre with Heather and Missy... while watching Twilight.

5. I didn't have to fight either of my daughters on modesty issues while picking out bathing suits today.

6. I am friends with the lead singer of my favorite band. That is very cool.

7. My son is trying to make his own ammonia. In a bucket. Behind my house. Thanks Mythbusters.

8. My kids have discovered The Police and they like it.

9. I made my teenager and her friend laugh several times and then call me retarded.

10. I'm glad I recycle.

11. I realized that I know several grown-ups who were homeschooled. And they're very well adjusted.

12. A year ago today I was with my friends in England.

These are just the few smiley thoughts I had today. I hope one of them made you smile too. :o)

Monday, May 03, 2010


I sit here, paying bills and staring out the window. It's so pretty outside today, but I know that it's really humid and so I just pretend that I want to go outside. We have enough money in the bank to pay our bills. For that I am thankful. But what about unexpected things, or extra things? Nope.

Maggie needs braces and I've been trying to save enough to pay for them. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had a job. But then the implications of that begin to multiply in my mind and I shrink away from it. God will provide. He always does.

My life is like my computer monitor. I have five tabs and four programs open. Clicking back and forth, back and forth. I think my computer is tired.

I can't decide if I'm overwhelmed or not. I don't think I am. Just disjointed a bit. Out of step. Trying to rest. Resting is hard to do when you have a vague feeling that you're forgetting something.

I miss my husband. I wish I could spend more relaxed time with him. We used to be together all the time. ALL the time. We stayed at home mostly and walked around the property and cooked dinner together. We were introverts. But now we have more kids and more responsibilty, friends. And ministry is a beautiful beast that cannot be tamed. We cling to each other more now than ever. We just have to do it in fits and starts.

I am rambling. Whirling along with the path of my thoughts... Say "Good night Gracie." "Good night Gracie."