Tuesday, December 14, 2010


3 am phone call.
pointed head in a striped cap, giant baby hands.
snuggle. cuddle. love.

2nd year.
bubble baths, funny faces, repeating led zeppelin.
come stay with me. let's race, color, sing.

4th year.
hold the baby. teach her guns and blocks.
come stay with me. let's cook, build, be silly.

7th year.
sad, confused, quiet.
what is divorce? can i stay with you?

10th year.
funny. mouthy. getting in trouble.
sure you can stay with me.

14th year.
music. girls. guns.
soul has returned. you're still mine.

18th year.
grown. confused. sure.
man. still my baby.

must you leave? stay with me.
play. sing. silly. safe.
i still love you.