Sunday, December 13, 2009

Learning How to Think

"I was just thinking". Now that's a good phrase to hear. Especially from my kids. I used to think that people are born knowing how to think, but the older I get the more I realize how untrue that is. Well, maybe I should clarify: people are not born knowing how to think correctly.

I guess it goes back to the Fall. Everything fell, even our intellect. And even if we think really hard, our starting point is usually flawed. It's sort of like evolutionists: they presuppose the Earth's age at billions of years old and go from there. Everything that comes after is flawed because their presupposition is wrong.

Hmmm. Where was I going with this.... Oh yeah. Thinking. As I grow in grace I realize how lazy I am in my thinking and when I do think, I usually start with what I feel or like instead of truth.


I decide I need to spend more time with Gracie because I think she is struggling with fear. I remember struggling with fear as a child. I felt unsafe as a child. I felt like I needed to protect my parents as a child. Therefore, Gracie needs me to show her that I will protect her.

Presupposition 1: Gracie has the same kind of childhood that I did.

Presupposition 2: My love is enough to calm her fears.

Both are wrong. Her childhood is very different from mine. And according to 1John 4:18 - Perfect love casts out fear. Hmmm. I guess that excludes me.

So what does she need then? A correct, Biblical worldview presupposes that we are created for God and our deepest need is for him. So... she needs Christ. She needs the gospel.

My actions toward her may be the same as before: pray with her, snuggle with her, let her leave her nightlight on, etc. But my reason for doing those things is different. And one thing I have learned is that people, children especially, learn what you believe more than they learn what you say.